My Kids Browser

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2009 11:24 Written by Jacob Sunday, 27 December 2009 06:17

My Kids Browser: Created With Children In Mind.

Parents and Grandparents alike can now let their children surf the net without having to worry about them accidentally accessing an inappropriate website. They can do the dishes, clean the house, or do things that they need to be doing while knowing that their children are on wholesome internet websites. The Kids-Browser leads them to websites that teach them math, reading, and history. Also, there are sites that are full of good, clean games that will keep your children entertained for hours!

Also, have you ever struggled with your children printing out every pretty picture that they see on the printer? This seems to be a common problem that parents have to deal with. The Kids-Browser has the printing feature turned off by default so that your children don’t break the bank by using up all of your expensive ink cartridges! This is just one of the many features that make this browser not only safe for children, but practical for parents. The idea of this browser is that you can let your children use the internet and not worry about anything. This is a kids safe internet browser.

Mr Happy Pocketwatch

Another great tool is the Mr. Happy Pocket Watch. If parents so choose, they may limit the time that their children use the internet per day. This will allow their children to enjoy the incredible features of the internet, but if they go over the time pre-set by the parent, the browser will shut down. There will be no arguing or kids saying just one more minute. The browser will shut down and end all discussion. What a life-saver!

How is this different than any other filtered internet or web browser that is on the market today? Well, internet filtering does a pretty good job of filtering objectionable text on websites. It isn’t perfect, however. Filtering software has a difficult time knowing whether a picture is pornography or not. Hence, the problem. Children might not ever read a ‘bad’ website but they may still accidentally stumble upon pornography.

MyKidsBrowser was built with a different concept in mind. Instead of giving children access to everything on the internet and attempting to filter out what some program thinks is bad, we only give them access to websites that are known to be clean. Your children will not have access to any questionable content. If there is a website that you would like to add the your child’s ‘white list’, you may do so and the program will evaluate the website you added and let you know if there are risks to giving your child access to it.

Parents should first go to the Parental Access Area and select from many safety features and then choose a password to protect the settings chosen. The children will be able to surf on their own and the parents can relax knowing their children are protected.