SEO Status Toolbar is an addon for Firefox. It’s clean, light, and ESSENTIAL!

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 December 2011 12:15 Written by Jacob Friday, 2 October 2009 12:28

Speed Optimized + Small Footprint + Beautiful Design + Clean + Free!


SEO Status FireFox Toolbar

Performance is a key aspect of the SEO Status Firefox Toolbar. It takes the good ideas from other toolbars and implements them in a cleaner, smaller, and more efficient manner.  SEO Status show the Pagerank and Alexa rank of every website as well as adds the ability to do several handy tasks such as check the whois, domain availability, estimate a value, and more!


Custom Analyzing

The first and best personal analyzing of your website from the experts in the field! We can tell you how to increase your traffic, your pagerank, and your income.


Speed and Simplicity

One of the most annoying things about applying new addons to your favorite browser is when they clutter up the toolbar area, bog down performance, or interfere with the application’s stability.  The SEO Status toolbar is extremely light-weight, caches results when switching between tabs, and was written cleanly and efficiently.

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